Twelve Years A Student

August 9, 2019

When I was in grade school, it never felt like I was learning. I felt like I was being conditioned to obey. I felt like I was being forced to memorize things that would have no significance to my daily life. Did school ever teach me how to do my own taxes? Did school ever teach me how to follow my own heart? I suppose not. You're sitting in a building six to eight hours a day, moving from cell to cell. One cell "teaches" you mathematics, while the other offers "literature." You are in there with other inmates, known as "students." You have to sit at a desk and cannot get up until class ends. You have to ask for permission to leave the room. Raise your hand. Don't ask any questions until the lesson is over. All that dumb crap. I think that the American school system is just a load of bullshit, which it is. In this book, I will tell you why.

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