The Undocumented Struggle

March 1, 2015

From the author that brought you "The Ballad of Sidney Hill," comes another heart gripping tale in the saga of a world where yet again the criminality is at a brain boiling level. A young man named Tyrone Steele, growing up in the crime ridden neighborhood of Bennett in the City of Cavalcante, Georgia has fallen through hard times. His mom passed on, his dad left, and all he has left is his siblings, cousins, and grandparents. One thing Tyrone struggles with is his ability to learn and being a good student. With his low GPA and pitiful test scores that can dampen his chances to graduate, he must do whatever it takes in order to establish his self in order to have a better life and to rise above what's already dragging him down mentally and physically. Can he succeed? Will the struggle of the ghetto get to him? Most of all, will he survive?

Series: Ballad Universe (Vol. 2)

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