S.O.S. Part One

July 15, 2019

Meet Dylan "Cubert" Witherspoon. Twenty years after a bank heist gone wrong, Dylan is a free man. Dylan feels betrayed because his former boss left him for dead to keep the money from the heist for himself. Because of this, Dylan was forced to take the fall and do the bid. Now that he's out, Dylan is readjusting to the world that he was once taken away from. Destined to make himself a name in the criminal underworld and to seek revenge on the person who did him wrong, Dylan travels to Emotion City in efforts of becoming king of the underground. Can Dylan accomplish his goal? Can Dylan seek his revenge? Can Dylan adjust to a world that he's not familiar with? In S.O.S. Part One, you will find out the answer through the eyes of Dylan "Cubert" Witherspoon as you read on.

Series: Ballad Universe (Vol. 8)

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