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SOS Part One Cover 2023.jpg

S.O.S. Part One

July 15, 2019

Meet Dylan "Cubert" Witherspoon. Twenty years after a bank heist gone wrong, Dylan has finished his sentence in prison. Many years prior, his boss left him for dead to keep the cut for himself. Because of this, Dylan was forced to take the fall and do the bid. Destined to make himself a name in the criminal underworld and to seek revenge on a man that he once looked up to, Dylan travels to Emotion City in efforts of becoming king of the underground. He's going to be in for a massive journey as Emotion is filled with its fair share of issues such as poverty, crime, corruption and not to mention the trove of psychopaths and ring leaders who are hungry for all the power that the city has to offer. Can Dylan successfully accomplish his goal and seek retribution while building his throne?

Series: Ballad Universe (Vol. 8)
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