Today's that special day...

savage writer, Trpy Shvt, Eternal Master, savage poet. Belligerent, disrespectful, overconfident, stubborn. Inspirational, talented, powerful, fearless. I've been called a lot of things over the years. We'll be here all day talking about it. One thing I'll always be though is a storyteller. Today is a special day for me. It always is, to be honest. On this day five years ago, I published my first novel, The Ballad of Sidney Hill at the age of fifteen. I've been telling this story a lot, I know. I'm going to continue telling it until the day I drop. Nothing will change that because this was an endeavor which changed my life for the better. If you have a vision you're out there nurturing, you would understand my passion.

I had no idea how far one project could take me in life. Because of it, my entire world opened up. I changed as a person. I went places I thought I could never go. I met people I thought I could never meet. I did not think it would be possible for someone like me to accomplish such a feat. Judging by my life and everything I've been through, if you would have told me that I'd go on to publish over 140+ novels in my early twenties when I was just some depressed teenager with a severe inferiority complex, I would have not believed you.

It felt like yesterday my insane self sat up here and handwritten 288 pages because I was that determined to get my story out there for the world to see. I didn't have an editor, a designer, a mentor or any of those things to back me in the process - least I didn't when I first started. It was just Khali. Six months after sitting at a dinosaur for a desktop, my dream of becoming a published author became reality. This wouldn't come without its gripes. I had so much to learn about publishing. Like, it took me over fifty revisions and counting to get The Ballad of Sidney Hill the way it is today.

Furthermore, a few people I knew weren't extremely kind to me once they found this out. I got ridiculed into oblivion over the years for starting a professional writing career.

"You, a writer? HA! Get a real job, kid!"

"Your book is a fail, it'll never sell."

"It's like, you're obsessed with writing. Stop it, Khali!"

"Why don't you just become a doctor?"

"Boy, you better off working at FedEx."

"No one reads books anymore!"

"12 pages isn't a book, my guy."

"Did you copy and paste that?"

"The only person who bought your book was ya' momma!"

"Now, you didn't write that. I bet you had someone do it for you."

"You need to stop writing this, this is crazy. You sound like a psycho."

"Oh, anyone can self-publish. It's no big deal."

Hey, that's only a taste of what I been fed. You get my point though, right? However, that means nothing to me. I stayed true to my life's purpose regardless of the tribulations I went through. Writing was something I used for healing. It got me through a lot. It's a powerful thing to transfer your thoughts from the pen to the paper. That isn't easy, but it is doable. When I first started, people took me for a joke. They figured I wouldn't last long. They figured that supporting me would help since I was seen as fragile. Yet, I continued to claw my way up the ladder and it's like everyone I used to vibe with don't even want to associate with me any longer because my prosperity burns them up. People want you doing good but never better than them. I find that many individuals are intimidated by my potential.

Recently, I fell out with someone I really had love for but that person revealed their true hues by doing something deceitful so I had to cut all ties with them. That is what moving up the ladder will make you do. Not everyone will have a seat at your table, especially if they don't bring anything to it. The realest people don't have a lot of friends. I see through the fake stuff out here. It's why individuals don't want me around them. Their cloaks do not want to be blown. People from my past won't support me because they're used to the old me. They can't access the new Khali, so it's more convenient for them to define me based on who I once was. Success and envy creates a mean killer. A lot of eyes are on me now. A lot of people out there are praying on my downfall.

Those same people envying me will soon try to copy me but you can't because greatness is in me, not on me. Overstand and innerstand that statement. Though... there are people who look up to me. Many of them in fact. I know someone out there is inspired by the things I'm doing, even if it's just one person which is enough for me. That means I've done my job as an artist. All I ever was a kid with a goal and I made the choice to accomplish it instead of sitting around hating on the next man, stuck in my own ways. Watching another man or woman's pockets won't put anything into yours.

A new decade is on the horizon, which means that I have a opportunity to continue this wonderful work. I'm on my way to greatness. I will soon become immortalized. All my efforts would have not been for nothing. I am still taking a hiatus from writing but I got one more run in me. I can't tell you what I'm up right now to because revealing your moves breeds jealousy and you know what comes with it. I'd rather show you the results. Just know that 2020 is shaping up to become my most prolific year ever. Thank you for the continued support. Here's to many more years of success!

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