Well. Will you look at the time? A New Year is upon us. Man, wasn't 2017 a ride? It was an extremely uncomfortable one, but I hope the worst of everything is finally over now. Anyway, I already know everyone is out there partying like it's 1999 right damn now. Same over here. But, hell. You should know that Khali Raymond is back at work again. That's right. In 2017 alone, I managed to write 29 books. I started off 2017 with 13 projects, and ended with 41-42 (published). I have been going through a very dark time for the latter of 2017. Dealing with loss in the family is very painful. Believe me. Being at that point sucks. I am not here to make you all depressed. This would not be the time to do such a thing. Let's talk business.

As I got my start in the professional author bis with my first novel, The Ballad of Sidney Hill, I never foresaw myself having as much success I have garnered within those three years after stepping up to the plate. I've meet all sorts of people and got inspiration from all ends of the earth, this journey to becoming a bestselling author has been a rocky one. It has been a wave of ups and downs. Hell, I even did shit with the Mayor of Newark! That has to be the key foundation that says, "Keep this train rolling." Going into my fourth year of this, I realized my true purpose. I want to tell my story. I want to do what I love, and that's to write. To create, inspire. I want to be able to make you fall at the feet with these words that I can piece together. I want this to open doors that I previously didn't even have a lock for. And hell, I know all this work I put in will have a tremendous payoff. The light at the end of tunnel is near.

In just three years alone, I have managed to mature physically and mentally. That has also played a role in my works. If you take a look at what I have done over the years, you can see the tremendous amount of progression that I have undergone with every iteration I have released. There is still more work to do. I must learn to have confidence in my abilities. I must be able to present myself in a composed, eloquent manner. I must be able to sell myself in such a way that the audience will be pulled right in by my creative prowess. For 2018, I know that there's more growth ahead in these months to come.

So, I'm sayin. Also to point out, I turn twenty this goddamn year. Fuck, I'm getting old. Soon enough, I'll be fifty with Alzheimer's. Back to what I was originally going to say. Yeah. Lately, I have been writing like crazy. I have been going from poems, to letters, to essays, short stories, man...I've been penning all types of material. Not only that, but I'm starting to take on a form that I have never taken. I am making myself emotionally vulnerable in all my pieces. I don't shy away from talking about issues I face. But, it's like now, shit has been way different. I find myself writing like I'm in my house, talking to my peoples. I find myself opening up through every sentence I can carefully etch. I have been writing a lot. A whole lot.

You're in luck, thankfully! This year, I'm writing the most material that I have ever written in my entire career. If you thought 29 books in a year was something crazy, you wait until you see what I can REALLY do...

I'm working on my most powerful, articulate, real, and down-to-earth work ever. I'm working on shit that will send chills down your spine once you read it. How I know? Upon working on this stuff that I am working on, I can feel the emotion through my own words. I can feel that disdain or happiness. I am not going to tell you what it is that I am working on exactly. You know me. I'm a very secretive person. Also, that's not the only thing that's popping. I got a lot of sidebar opportunities that I'm making work, right? Those little bits and pieces shall pave the way for something bigger. I'm working closely with very intriguing individuals and just know, you will be seeing me on a television soon. The whole savage writer gimmick? I might kill that for a while. Not completely, but...you'll understand.

To sum this all up, it's going to be a very great new year for me. Why? I'm going to make that a reality. I must put the work in to make that so. Believe me. Something huge will take off this year. I can feel it. I'm trusting in my process. I won't fail to deliver the goods. I can't. I'm in too deep now. Get ready to see a side of me you've never seen in any author before...

So, with that being said, I wish you all a healthy new year. Eat well, sleep well, and play well in 2018. This is going to be a year filled with great moments, tragic moments, and eye-openers. It is all about how you handle it. Stay strong, survive. Alright. I'm out.

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