Damn. That's all that I can say. Well, no. Fuck it, this has been a big week. Not even, but these last few weeks of summer been the most motherfucking important. First, I had a signing. That was met with success, and a whole lot. Just Friday, I was at my school and they presented me with a "Most Likely to Succeed" award. What is even better--I got my own bust, known as a cut out in the lobby of my school. So ya. Major shit. I'll be starting my final year of high school in a few days, so we'll see what that'll bring. Maybe I'll get laid. Maybe not. What I know is this, I'm gone be one rich son of a bitch real soon, just count on it. Plus, I had a radio interview today so that piece I did should end up published online sometime soon. By the way, I forgot to mention that all of my titles are on Createspace now. You can still find them on Lulu, but for future reference I'm going with Createspace because I get more royalties and shit, plus it's MORE cheaper. Wish I could've used the shit when I first started, like damn. I would've saved so much goddamn money that way and got out there faster. Literally, I done had to spend at least hundreds of dollars on proof copies and when I had one minor mistake that's basically money I fucking wasted. Createspace actually walks you through the issues that will be in your manuscript like fucking goddamn gutter issues or whatever. I'm thinking of the challenges that are to come for the 2016-2017 school year, the year I get out all of the shit i'm in. We'll see what happens. But shit, I can't wait to see how people react once they see me SITTING IN THE LOBBY lmao. Heh. But anyway, just coming here to keep ya'll updated on some shit on some moves because like I always say--nobody knows my moves until they're made. Ok. Bye.

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