August 5, 2019

I have been thinking about how far I've come not just in terms of my artistry, but also in my personal development. I have really grown as an individual. Though I have made mistakes, I am continuously learning from my errors and improving myself as an infinite being. Here's what's racking my brain. I miss the old way of life, to be honest. I miss being a child. I miss riding my scooter in front of the family house. I miss playing the Grand Theft Auto games for the PlayStation 2 with my cousins on the weekends. I miss those huge Fourth of July cookouts that my family would always used to have. I miss staying up past midnight watching adult cartoons on Channel 32 when I should have been asleep. I miss being that curious little boy who lived in Weequahic, Newark. Don't you just wish that things could be the same... one more time?

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