July 22, 2019

It's great that I'm becoming everything I said I would become. It's great that I'm accomplishing everything I said I would accomplish. I'm proving people who said I wouldn't do it wrong, and it's stupendous that I get to rub it in their faces. However, you only see the surface of my success. You have no idea of how much effort that I have to put in to make my aspirations come live. The biggest challenge is that I have to walk through the work all on my own. I don't really have anyone I can confide in and go to whenever I'm feeling vulnerable. I don't have anyone I can run up to and be held by. I can't cry in no one's arms. I don't got no one giving me hugs and warm affection, telling me it's going to be all right. Nah. I gotta stick this out on my own. Yes, it's extremely lonely. That loneliness is what gives me courage though...

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