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Ghanport's Finest Front Cover Redone 201

Ghanport's Finest

January 1, 2016

Ghanport, The Party State. A place where you could become the life of the party or at the center of crippling desperation. Ghanport has bustling commerce, booming industry and a strong media presence. Beneath that lies tremendous struggles with crime, poverty, prostitution and federal corruption. From developed cities to dingy ghettos, Ghanport isn’t for the average tourist. South of the state lies Ghanport City, one of the most populous cities in the United Landmasses and the world. As you read through Ghanport's Finest, a hustler, a young man and a vicious psychopath will give their all as they traverse across the entire state pulling risky jobs for notorious fugitives, mob bosses and even the government at the cost of their own freedom and lives to start a syndicate and take the entire world by storm.

Series: Ballad Universe (Vol. 5)
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