Força da Mulher 2

July 15, 2019

Força da Mulher 2. I wrote a book like this a year ago. I'm doing it again, except it's going to be much more deeper and impactful. I haven't always been commendable when it came to showing my appreciation for the opposite sex. I've said things that disparaged the opposite sex, in the past. I was hurt, that's why. No, really. I was hurt. Some people did many abhorrent things to me. My own emotional pain made me act out and attack them in my art. I'm much more mature now. I am not perfect, but still... I am trying to learn from my experiences - whether if they're good, bad, pretty, or ugly. I haven't always had the best relationship with women in my life either. Maybe because no one taught me to. They teach us how to get women, but they don't teach us how to keep them. Screw that. I want to treat everyone with respect because that's how I was raised. I want to keep a woman. I hope this piece can commemorate these learning experiences that I've been having.

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