Final Exposition

March 1, 2020

Yes. I am retiring from writing... indefinitely. I will still perform, but... I’ve done so much work with everything in my career, only to be overlooked, unfollowed/blocked, doubted, ridiculed, have my heart crushed and treated like a second option. No one truly understands how much all this takes its toll on you, you would only know if you done the work. Now for people saying “oh he’s just depressed and complaining,” that is not the case here. This work isn’t easy. Just because I make it look that way, it’s not. I’ve put too much pressure on myself to succeed and I am at my mental limit. Case in point, I’m burned the f*** out. I’m doing this for my own health. It’s only right I walk away from this for now because I need to rediscover who I am as an individual and get back in touch with myself. Only way I can do that is if I step away from everything. I was reluctant to doing this because writing has now become my identity and I’m nothing without that shit. I’m just a nobody when you take all my gifts away. It is what it is. Maybe in my absence people will realize how much you’ve really done to wake the masses. Thank you for everything. Maybe someday I could write books again.

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