Exhibits of a Tortured Artist

May 8, 2019

I really don't like using Wikipedia as a source because it isn't reliable, but according to it - the tortured artist is this character and stereotype who's in constant torment due to frustrations with art and other people. Bust out that checklist, I fulfill all the requirements of a tortured artist. I feel alienated and misunderstood, yes. I smoke a lot of weed, yes. I struggle with mental illness, yes. I have a lot of sexual frustration, yes. Heartbreak? Cliche. I'm a deep thinker, of course you're going to criticize me for that. I'm supposed to conform, right? I shouldn't be fighting my inner demon... right? I shouldn't be questioning the universe, right? I should be something that I'm not, right? I have to be who YOU want me to be, right?

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