It's time to reflect because "Reflections of the Pen: Spoken Word" is here...

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope everyone is eating good and getting hammered like a damn screw. I'm not here to talk about my holiday or what I'm thankful for, nobody really needs to know all that. Anyway, I dropped another project. Do I ever stop? Answer is no, and I won't. I'd have to die first. I cooked up a few spoken word pieces. Twelve books in two gotta give it up for me cuz I'm just that damn impressive... Oh, dem links. Paperback eBook

Dear Father...

Dear Father...well, I am here with my eleventh project. Rejoice on that. I'm not an avid blogger anyway, I just come here and post when I'm up to it or if it's really important. I don't tell the entire world what I ate for lunch. This is more deeper than that, as I literally wrote something sacred for someone I wish that could've been here for me but shit is a bitch and death's a dick, so...I wrote an open letter to my dad proving my love for him. If that ain't enough to prevent me from being a Negative Nancy then eh...but yeah, go mess with them links down there and whatnot. Ebook Paperback

"To You, Girl" is for now out for you, girl...

Good news. I finally wrote ten books, but that's not what this post is about. I'm talking about my tenth project here, in which I had wrote an open letter to this girl I liked, right...and once I mustered up the courage (which took a whole fucking lot) to actually send a draft to her...she told me that it was the nicest thing ever and she read it over three times and, you know I did something real when I had a power like that... But anyway, here's those links: Ebook Paperback Ok, bye.

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