Well...stumbled upon..

Today just consisted of me fucking around as usual. But, I did create a Tumblr. I'll probably link that to the site soon or something of that nature but there's this thing I found called On Sequel that I could use to make storylines and shit, like linear RP and all of that other. Dunno wtf this would mean for my writing but you know I'm trying to take every chance I get in doing things like this because you don't know what will come out of the shit you know. Must be willing to take chances. I'll check it out and see how the shit works out. Ight. Peace.

Oh fuck, son.

Damn yo, it's been a fucking while since I last updated this website, been a year to be exact. Been under a rock far as that goes, but you know I been working. I now have six books out as I write this and I also had a successful book signing as well. I'm constantly going to be updating this when I can, so you know--stay tuned for some more real spill. Nothing much for me to say. I ain't that interesting.

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